Kasabian bring the curtain down on an action-packed Saturday

Keeping the stage warm, before Kasabian set it on fire, was Miles Kane. The whipper snapper at their heels didn’t hold back on 'Inhaler', followed right up with 'Give Up', and topped it off with ‘Don’t Forget Who You Are’. All together now, “La la la, la la la la la la”.

From the pretender to the throne, in one fell swoop, enter stage right, Paul Weller.  There’s not much that can be said that hasn’t been said before. Classic after classic, after  classic. In Mod we trust.

Klaxons fans packed in to the Pepsi max stage for the penultimate set on the second stage. An electrifying raft of new and old by the Klaxons kept the crowd in raptures. With the incredible light show and buzzing atmosphere, we can’t wait to see what’s next from these London boys.

The bovine public, the envious fans of The Cribs, turned up and sang their rasping lungs out to the tunes of ‘Cheat On Me’ and ‘Hey Scenesters'. Screaming their vocals out in effortelessly broken fashion and bathed in visceral feedback, The Cribs are the epitome of what a band should be. Ticking both form and function boxes these brothers are the drinking buddies you wish you had and the band you yearn to be part of.

Iconic is as iconic does. Kasabian rocked up and rocked out, really kicking off with ‘Days are Forgetten’ and ‘Reason is Treason’. The early benchmarks were destined to be broken, and an all white set, streaming with spotlights, provided the backdrop to a masterclass of British rock and roll.

Serge, with a glint of revelry in his eye, changed the levels on the synth prior to I.D. His deathly focus, accompanied by the mischievous Meighan, who stood hands on hips beckoning the crowd, proved provocative. Serge put it eloquently... “I’m buzzing off my tits”.

The interaction with the crowd continued, with Kasabian clearly rejoicing in the ecstasy. Tom digressing: “[addressing Gareth Bale], the heart thing, I did that first”, before breaking into to the melodic ‘Goodbye Kiss’.

Kasabian dedicated ‘Empire’ to Paul Weller, before crowning a captivating night with their famous encore of ‘Switchblade Smiles’, ‘Vlad the Impaler’ and the infamous ‘Fire’.

Hard Rock Calling, until tomorrow…